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Hotel frutt Family Lodge & Melchsee Apartments auf Melchsee-Frutt

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Building a hotel is a vast undertaking and covers many different aspects. The most important one, however, is achieving maximum well-being for the guest.

Our Eberli Hospitality business unit supports this demanding process.

Die Lounge des Hotels frutt Lodge & Spa auf Melchsee Frutt.

We provide a whole range of specific services

Eberli Hospitality handles all the required tasks: from determining the strategic focus of the hotel, to providing support for international investors and organising financing, through to performing the actual operative processes within the Hotel.

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Mountain island in the heart of Switzerland promises peace and quiet, time and space

As a guest at Hotel frutt Lodge & Spa, you benefit from a unique location in the midst of the sunny Alpine plateau of Melchsee-Frutt, 1,920 metres above sea level. The hotel is one of Europe’s highest-lying four-star hotels and is situated by a lake with perfect views of the starry night sky.

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Family, sport and Alpine adventure – at 1,920 metres above sea level

Modern design and Alpine comfort characterise the rooms and architecture of the new Hotel frutt Family Lodge & Melchsee Apartments at Melchsee-Frutt. Hotel frutt Family Lodge belongs to Frutt Resort AG and is conceived as the perfect complement to the existing, well-established Hotel frutt Lodge & Spa.

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Renovation of Hotel Kreuz

Hotel Restaurant Kreuz, prominently situated in the beautiful heart of the historic village of Sachseln, was renovated in 2013 and 2014. The 26 bathrooms were fully refitted and a number of new suites built in just 35 days. The sauna area was also refurbished within less than two months.

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Project in development

Hotel Titlis Palace, Engelberg

Erected in 1904, the charming architecture of Hotel Europäischer Hof (or Hotel Europe) lends the town centre of Engelberg a very special flair. Together with the neighbouring historic Kursaal, the hotel is a real eye-catcher on the edge of the spa gardens. This has inspired investor Yunfeng Gao during a visit to the municipality of Engelberg to erect a new hotel here full of character.

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